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We are delighted you have chosen to learn more about the Change Agent Video Course and how you can make a difference by being a change agent in your sphere of influence.  The Change Agent Video Course teaches you truths from God’s word via power point slides, video excerpts and small group discussion that will allow you to have a greater influence for God’s Kingdom purposes.  The course is designed for individual use, or in a large audience or group/class format.


Here are just some of the things you will learn in the course:

  1. You will learn why the spiritual foundations in our American culture have been eroding for many decades, how this has affected us, and how this applies to other nations.
  2. You will discover the seven "cultural mountains" that most define our worldview and why it only takes a small percentage of people to shift a cultural mountain of influence.
  3. You will learn the six unique stages God uses to call a change agent into his or her assignment that are also repeated in the lives of most of the biblical and modern day change agents.
  4. You will grow in the knowledge and the ways of God so that you can apply these life-changing truths to your personal life with God.
  5. You will learn why God limits His activity to partnering with human beings through intercession.
  6. You will understand from the example of Jesus how to have the greatest influence in the culture.
  7. You’ll understand the role adversity plays in calling and understand root causes.
  8. And much more


During the latter part of the course you will hear from my good friend, Dr. Lance Wallnau.  Lance is one of our earliest pioneers on how to apply the seven cultural mountain philosophy for impacting culture.  There is also a special bonus Q & A session with Lance Wallnau, myself and my good friend and pastor, Johnny Enlow, that will help you better understand the application of what you have learned in the course.


Your workbook provides you with all the scripture references and key points taught in the course.  At the end of each session, a question is presented for you and/or your group to answer or discuss if you are in a small group.



I want to thank you for considering investing in this valuable training.  I know this commitment on your part to become all that God intends for you to be to impact the lives of others will make a difference.



As we expand our understanding of who we are meant to be in Christ, we will begin to see a tipping point in our culture for the sake of God’s Kingdom like never before.  May God bless you as you become His change agent!

Session Titles Covered During the Course

  1. Understanding Your Purpose – Os Hillman
  2. The Steps to Discover Why God Made You – Os Hillman
  3. God’s View of Work & Calling - Os Hillman
  4. 6 Stages of the Call of a Change Agent - Os Hillman
  5. Hindrances to Fulfilling Your Call – Os Hillman
  6. How We Lost Culture & How to Influence It- Os Hillman
  7. Reclaiming a Biblical Worldview in Government, Education & Family - Os Hillman
  8. The Role of Media, Arts & Entertainment – Os Hillman
  9. Hearing the Voice of God in the Workplace - Os Hillman
  10. Receiving Your Inheritance - Os Hillman
  11. Overcoming through Intercessory Prayer - Os Hillman
  12. Experiencing the Father’s Love - Os Hillman
  13. Understanding the Dynamics of Change Agent Influence - Lance Wallnau
  14. Change Agents Must Overcome Mental, Physical and Spiritual Barriers - Lance Wallnau
  15. Social Media to Influence Culture & Marketplace Leader Tools
  16. Bonus Session - Q&A with Lance Wallnau, Os Hillman and Johnny Enlow – Os Hillman

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