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About Us

Marketplace Message will help Christians to realize that they have a ministry in the workplace as Market Place Ministers and to work with the body of Christ to educate, equip, encourage; release Market Place Ministers to take the gospel of the Kingdom into the Work Place.  Through Unity of purpose, the body of Christ will bring about real change in the Market place by providing access to the tools and models required for motivating and equipping of Market Place Ministers


Our Vision

Interacting with the body of Christ to catalyse, equip and affirm marketplace ministers to transform the marketplace with the gospel of Jesus Christ.



  • Relationship
  • Connect
  • Communicate
  • Unity
  • Integrity



    Educate - Why Change?

    Help to bring education to people with the message of being “Marketplace Ministers”


    Equip - How to Change?

    Provide the materials to equip and the release of Marketplace Ministers


    Encourage - Keep on Changing!

    Actively involved in encouraging the Marketplace Ministers